Why renting your property through Gold Key BNB rather than a regular tenant ?

As a landlord, renting out your property through the conventional system can be quite stressful and can leaves you with many question marks:

  • Will the rent be paid on time each week?
  • Was a proper reference check conducted?
  • Will the tenant commit to their signed duration of the contract or not?
  • Will the property be looked after well?

However, if you choose Gold Key BNB to be your tenant, we guarantee you that:

  • Your rent is paid on time each week.
  • You pay NO agent’s fees if you lease it to us directly.
  • You pay no advertising fees.
  • Your property is kept immaculate at all times as it will be professionally cleaned after every short stay.
  • Clients are thoroughly screened and qualified before booking your property.
  • We also have a strict NO party – NO pets – NO smoking policy!!
  • We treat your property as a five-star hotel as we aim for 100% five- star ratings for customer satisfaction.
  • We want to provide you and our guests with a great experience.
What kind of properties do we take on ?

In our portfolio, we take apartments, studio apartments, terrace homes, town houses or freestanding homes– fully furnished or unfurnished. Although the property has to be unique in its own way, so, that it is located nearby the beach, facilities and attractions.

What locations are most popular ?

We actively search for properties, which generate a high occupancy all year round and this involves a number of factors. Our data software will assist in providing a report, which will pinpoint and investigate the above- mentioned features. Let’s chat about your property and see how it stacks up.

Gold Key BNB is located on the beautiful Gold Coast in sunny Queensland. Could a potential property be located elsewhere to fit into the Gold Coast BNB rental portfolio ?

Sure! There are many great locations throughout Australia that will be fantastic for short stay accommodation. Let’s discuss your options.

How do we control the tenant selection and ultimately qualify the tenant ?

One of the reasons that we book exclusively through Air BNB is that we are able to control which potential tenant gets approved to stay in our accommodation. We do not take “Instant bookings”, which are mandatory with some othershort stay booking agencies. We look for guests with excellent reviews or clear parameters, which inturn reduces possible issues.

What happens if there is damage ?

Unlike with a “standard” tenant, your property is covered in the unlikely event of damage.  Because all our guests are qualified well prior to accepting a booking, the likelihood of experiencing damage is minimised. However,accident can happen, of course, and nobody could ever guarantee the opposite.Nevertheless, in the unlikely event, an incident would occur, the Air BNB Host Guarantee provides up to $1,000,000 cover. On top of that, Gold Key BNB has its own short stay accommodation insurance to provide you with even more peace of mind. In reality, your property is less likely to suffer damage through Gold Key BNB short stay rentals than through standard long-term tenancies.

How do I get started ?

Please go to our ‘contact us’ page or via any of our contact details. We’ll contact you immediately to find out more about your property and your personal wants and need. We aim to answer any of your questions and make sure your property is a good fit for us, and visa versa. If you would like to meet in person we can also arrange one of our Gold Key BNB Managers to meet with you and view the property. Our business is built on trust and relationships, and this shows in our results. We look forward to hearing from you!